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FWG Story

Far West Genetics BC Cannabis Nursery is an indoor, purpose-built, licensed facility located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  We deliver quality BC legacy genetics to licensed Canadian growers. 

Far West is guided by its founder and master grower, Gord Barlow. Gord was born in Golden, BC, between the Selkirk and Purcell Mountains in the Columbia Valley - at the heart of BC Bud country. Raised in a lifestyle that was thick in both mountain and weed culture, a passion for the plant ignited early. Gord moved further west to Vancouver Island in the early 90's, where his passion for pheno-hunting was born. A legacy breeder - diligently, selectively breeding and sharing countless generations of his cultivars through MMAR, MMPR and ACMPR licenses. Supporting the medical community through has provided a deep understanding of what excites growers & consumers. Exploring and advancing FWG's genetics since 2000, Gord is excited to witness the evolution of the legal Canadian market, and proud to be a part of it.

FWG Approach 

  Success in the craft cannabis industry is heavily reliant on production excellence, a pristine facility, an adaptable approach, and a commitment to purpose driven breeding techniques – all through the lens of curiosity and innovation. Decades of product research and development have resulted in the reliable and tested practices that exist at Far West today. A commitment that has resulted in the evolution of a robust and potent curation of quality legacy cultivars. True & pure inbred lines and unique F1 hybrids.

Service excellence and building community are part of our ethos. We appreciate the craft and love what we do. Far West works alongside growers by fostering opportunities for ongoing dialogue throughout the grow.

FWG cultivates out of a 2,000 square foot, purpose-built, engineered steel building in a cannabis friendly industrial park in seaside Sooke, BC. Modelled to support the licensed growing community in accordance with regulations established by Health Canada.

Far West Genetics is proudly born and bred in British Columbia.

FWG People

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